This sideboard was designed as a gallery piece and was displayed at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

The idea for the side table was born from a desire to design and make furniture using bamboo.  Bamboo is a very sustainable product and has its own unique look which is quite different to timber.


The sideboard is simple, yet elegant, designed to maximise the advantages of using bamboo board for furniture.

The sideboard has been made using a combination of tiger strand bamboo and natural strand bamboo.

The strand bamboo is very dense and therefore, very durable and hard wearing.  The look of the strand bamboo is different to both bamboo ply and timber, although it is closer to timber, so at first glance, the natural strand bamboo may be mistaken for timber.

The tiger strand however, has its own completely unique look.  Whilst it may be too loud for some, the look is contemporary and very unique and in the right environment provides a talking piece as well as being an elegant side table.

The modesty panel is natural strand bamboo, providing simple, yet elegant strength and durability to the design.


  • Tiger strand bamboo
  • Natural strand bamboo
  • Finished with Osmo Oil.

Designed and made by: Select Custom Joinery.

Photography: John Tucker.