To design a rocking baby’s crib that was safe and strong for baby to sleep in, whilst also being practical to use and easy to store.  A crib is often used for the first 3-4 months of a baby’s life, however, after this short time, baby must move to a cot so they have space and room as they learn to roll and move about.


Firstly, the rocking mechanism of the crib was designed to be at the very top, rather than level with the crib itself.  This design means the rock of the crib has a swinging action rather than a rocking action and is very safe, regardless of how hard the crib is rocked.  The crib can be locked into place with a simple locking mechanism when putting baby in or taking baby out or when the rocking motion is not wanted.

The high upper pole whilst having a structural purpose, can also be used to hang mobiles to entertain baby.

The lockable castors mean baby can easily be wheeled from room to room – eg. Wheeled into the living area during the day and into the bedroom at night.

The entire crib has been made without the need to install screws or nails to put the crib together, each piece has been designed to sit on another piece and lock into place using gravity to ensure pieces are well locked in place.  This means the crib is easily assembled and dis-assembled when it is time to be put into storage or transported.

This crib has now become a family heirloom.  The names and birth dates of all the babies who have slept in the crib have been burnt onto the slats of the crib to create a history of the crib’s use.

Designed and made by: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker