As part of wider renovations of a sustainably built home, to create a home office area with storage space for two adults, with stored room dividers, to turn the room into a guest area on occasion.


The office desk includes room for two adults to comfortably work side by side if necessary, with built-in holes for cables and future additional equipment.  The desk is finished with Marmoleum to create a comfortable work surface that is also easy to clean.

Red Echo Panel creates colour interest whilst also being a pin board for “pinnable items” and open shelves allow for folder storage.

Tall cupboards and wide drawers provide additional storage for items behind closed doors, finished with recycled timber handles.

At the left hand side of the tall cupboards and drawers, a small enclave stores custom built bamboo privacy screens.  The privacy screens are within easy reach to lift out to provide privacy for guests when staying in the room and return to the enclave when no longer needed.


  • Plantation hoop pine plywood.
  • Coffee strand bamboo.
  • Natural ply bamboo.
  • Recycled timber.
  • Marmoleum.
  • Echo Panel board.

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker Photography.