To design a kitchen to suit their unusual space, with 5 walls in a half-hexagon shape and 3 windows, that was both practical and beautiful.  To design a kitchen with a good workflow.

Gino’s Approach

One look at this kitchen space and Gino came back to the office bubbling with excitement.  He has long been a fan of round kitchens, although they are a rarity.  And the shape of this room screamed ‘curved kitchen’ in his mind.  He could envision the curved concept and he knew it was the most practical solution for the room.  The old kitchen design lacked flow, the kitchen was cut off from the living areas and the fridge was positioned in the kitchen entryway in monolith cabinetry.


The curved design creates an easy flow from the oven to the dishwasher and sink and the island bench.  Every part of the kitchen is easy to access and the kitchen is now open to the living areas, allowing a better flow of movement throughout the townhouse.

Drawers and pantry space

The inclusion of several drawer banks creates a lot of easily reached storage space. And the island provides both easy to reach bench space from anywhere in the kitchen as well as practical storage.

The shallow pantry provides more easy to reach food and storage space.

Birch ply

The birch ply cabinetry is sturdy and long lasting.  This kitchen isn’t going anywhere and nor is it subject to water damage. This kitchen is here to stay!

The door and drawer fronts under the long curved bench are also curved to match the curve of the bench top and the dishwasher panel, being in the middle of the curved bench top, is curved in both directions to suit.

This gorgeous kitchen maximises the potential of the room space, the 3 windows and takes pride of place in the townhouse.

Sustainability and Durability

Designed as a piece of furniture, this kitchen is both sustainable and durable.  All the materials are


  • Birch plywood
  • Recycled timber in varying colours
  • Glass
  • Marmoleum drawer and shelf linings.

Design and manufacture: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: Jennifer Nagy – Exclusive Images