These clients came to us with their own basic layout, but wanted to use sustainable materials and were keen to ensure they were receiving a high quality product to go into the new home they were building.

A message board system was on the wish list, as was the desire to stick with their basic layout.


These clients gravitated to our bamboo ply, it suited their needs for a product that was ethically sourced and durable whilst providing a contemporary, yet timeless look for their kitchen. The simplicity of the lines and the durability of the materials used will ensure that the kitchen will last for many years to come, without looking old and dowdy in a few short years as trends change.

Natural coloured bamboo ply was used for most the kitchen, whilst coffee coloured bamboo ply was used to provide contrast and interest with the bench top and a small number of panels and cupboards.

As busy professionals, they were keen on setting up a message board system in the kitchen area to keep their fridge free of flyers and have space to write messages to each other. Our clients suggested installation of a cheap whiteboard, but we knew we could come up with a better way. The result fits in with the look of the kitchen and has multiple uses. The panel on the right hand side of the kitchen has been made up of 3 x mirrors in-between strips of cork. The cork can be used as a pin board and the mirrors have a magnetic backing, so that magnets can be used for notices, or the mirror can be used as a noticeboard, or as a mirror. A pen tray at waist height ensures pens are easily accessible and our custom made magnets are very strong, practical and highly aesthetic.

Keeping to the desired layout was easier said than done. Our clients ideal position for the microwave was lower than the Standard allows, too close to the cooktop. After looking at the various options, the solution we provided was to sit the microwave on a custom built stainless steel frame. The frame is strong, ensures good air circulation around the entire microwave and also ensures no flammable material are too close to the cooktop.

The pantry includes drawers at the bottom and wire baskets on the doors for spices and small, frequently used items to ensure the pantry is user friendly and easy to access.

Several drawer banks in the kitchen ensure easy access to the contents of the drawers. Premium soft close drawer runners with a lifetime warranty ensure the drawers will open and close trouble-free for the life of the kitchen.

Custom built handles finish off the kitchen, the length of the handles has been varied for different parts of the kitchen, whilst keeping the same design. In custom building the handles, the handles are designed and installed for the specific needs of the kitchen and ensure our clients own a truly unique kitchen, custom built and designed to their specific needs.


  • Natural bamboo ply
  • Coffee bamboo ply
  • Jarrah

Advice, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker.