Plywood kitchens are beautiful, durable and sustainable.   People looking for plywood kitchens often come across two main problems:

  1. Finding a professional to work with who has the skills and knowledge to design and manufacture using plywood. Not all plywoods are equal!
  2. Affordability.  Custom plywood kitchens have a premium price because of the cost of materials and labour involved.

A Pezzo (pet-zoh) kitchen solves both of these problems.  Pezzo kitchens use only quality, furniture grade plywood.  And the unique Pezzo design uses less materials, so it is more affordable than a standard plywood kitchen.  

Because Pezzo is easily transportable, it is available across Australia.

Is a Pezzo plywood kitchen really affordable?

Is a Pezzo kitchen really affordable?  How long is a piece of string?  Bespoke plywood/bamboo/timber kitchens range from about $40,000 – $60,000+ for an average to large sized kitchen.  A Pezzo kitchen ranges from approx. $15,000 – $45,000+.  This is entirely dependent on the size, detail and design of the kitchen.  The bigger your kitchen and the more detail you want, the higher the budget needed.

How do I put together a Pezzo Kitchen? A quick summary of installing a Pezzo Kitchen.

Pezzo kitchens are transported in a Pezzo box.  When you open the box, you’ll find the kitchen in pieces.  Labelled pieces of course!  Once you unload the box, turn the lid over and it becomes a workbench.

  • Firstly, you will put together the plinth.  It’s clever design will adjust quickly and easily to ensure a level platform for your kitchen.  Additional front panels hide the inner workings.
  • Next, you’ll need to install drawer runners, hinges and other fittings and fixtures.
  • Then you’ll put together the base cabinetry.  Start with the first end panel.  Then the next panel.  And then install rails at the top back and top front.  Base cabinetry installation continues like this until complete.
  • Installation of wall cabinetry comes after base cabinetry installation.  Wall cabinetry uses a back rail installation system.
  • Bench tops / drawers are doors are installed last.

What is a Pezzo Drawer?

Pezzo drawers are designed for ease of transport, so are also put together from pieces.  The drawer is put together without any nails or screws.  The photos show both a drawer in pieces as well as a finished Pezzo drawer.  The Pezzo drawer features protruding connectors and is able to be put together within a minute, once you get the hang of it.  If you prefer a different drawer style to Pezzo, there are other styles to choose from.  A Pezzo drawer is the most economical option.

Can anyone install a Pezzo Kitchen?

Installation of Pezzo kitchens works best for people who are practical, logical and detail oriented.  You’ll need a cordless drill /driver and we’ll include everything else that you need.

Who designs a Pezzo kitchen?

When it comes to design, you have several different options:

  • Design it yourself
  • Work with Select Custom Joinery to design your kitchen
  • Work with your own designer.

Where can I find more information on Pezzo kitchens? 

Questions? Contact us here.