Design Brief:

Our clients put forward the idea of a jigsaw design for their shelving unit, however, the unit had to achieve several goals:

  • Act as a room divider
  • Allow light to flow between the rooms
  • Use the acrylic backing that had been sourced from elsewhere
  • Allow use from both sides
  • Allow access for their dogs

Finished Product:

The finished shelving unit design evolved from the game Tetris.  Each piece fits together, but is also an individual unit.  The unit divides the office area from the hallway, whilst allowing in plenty of light, with space for their dogs to move between the rooms.

The design allows space for books as well as vases and other collected items.


  • Natural bamboo ply
  • Osmo Oil.

Acrylic backing (by others).

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: Jennifer Nagy – Exclusive Images