We were approached by these clients as they wanted a sustainable kitchen and laundry to be part of their house renovations. The kitchen and laundry needed to be sustainable, contemporary in design, durable and user-friendly.


Solid bamboo ply was used to build the kitchen. Bamboo was chosen as we believe bamboo is the most sustainable product we can offer at this point in time. Bamboo is also very hard-wearing and provides a unique contemporary look Further information on bamboo and why it is a sustainable product is available here.

The unique edge of the bamboo was used to create a frame around the pantry and the tall laundry cupboard. The bamboo used here was thicker than the doors and drawers and as there are no applied edges, the look is both unique and practical.

The overhead cupboards were designed with clear lines, finger pulls were used rather than handles. This helps to create a minimalist, simple, contemporary feel whilst still being practical to use.

Both bamboo colours, natural and coffee, were used to create depth and interest.

An important part of designing any kitchen is the waste management system ie. Bins and bin storage. We have worked with our plumber to find a plumbing system that will allow maximum space under the kitchen sink to ensure there is useable space. In addition to this, rather than install commercially available bin systems that tend to break down over time, we have designed our own bin system which provides durable, practical space for general waste, recyclables and compost.

Granite was chosen for the benchtop as granite is a natural product and the granite provided a nice contrast to the bamboo doors and cabinetry. The granite is also a hardwearing, durable product and the natural variability in the colour adds interest and uniqueness. The exact slab was chosen by the clients themselves.


  • Bamboo Ply
  • Black pearl granite.

Designed, manufactured and installed: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker.