Brief:  These clients wanted a quality kitchen using solid, natural materials.  They liked our style of kitchens and were happy for us to lead them through the process. We were limited to the existing space and needed to work around the bulk head.  Some other special considerations included:

  • A coffee/tea area
  • space for the AC air return and
  • provision for a future microwave or steam oven.

Over time, the design and details came together.

End result

A lot of thought was put into creating a practical, easy to use kitchen in the existing space.  The island breakfast bar creates a functional work area within easy reach of each different part of the kitchen; allowing space for more than one person in the kitchen at once.

  • The pantry, island and cooktop are within easy reach.
  • The fridge and coffee bar area are side-by-side.
  • The sink and dishwasher sit nearly in the middle.
  • Many drawers create functional, easy to reach storage.

The floral rangehood adds interest in an otherwise simple kitchen.  The rangehood draws the eye and is a lovely focal point.  The stainless steel rose was water jet cut and adhered to bamboo.

The custom made stainless steel bench provides a seamless integration of bench to sink – no joins and easy to clean.  The size and depth of the bench top was designed according to the client’s cooking and cleaning habits and pots and pans in use.

Careful thought was put into the coffee/tea bar area, to provide a practical and eye catching space.  A combination of drawers for the different teas and coffees and open boxed shelving creates shelf space for mugs, cups, jugs and other items, without over crowding the area.

The existing air return for the air conditioning was integrated into one of the pantry doors, maintaining the look of the kitchen.  And the use of frosted glass in the pantry doors softens the outline of pantry items.

So where did the idea for the rose come about?  It was an inspired thought!  We had no brief to create anything out of the ordinary.  The idea came about from meeting with our clients over time.  Our clients loved it too and here you can see how it came to fruition.


  • Cabinetry: Plywood
  • Doors and drawer fronts: Natural Strand Bamboo
  • Island benchtop: Recycled blackbutt
  • Sink benchtops: Stainless Steel

Design: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: Jennifer Nagy Exclusive Images