These clients asked for universal storage for their many books, as well as storage for a large number of music CD’s, along with an entertainment unit.  This room is a dedicated music room/TV viewing room, so functionality and simplicity were prioritised.

The furniture in this room was part of refurbishing their entire house including their kitchen and home office area.


The bookshelves were designed to maximise space for a large number of books and so are simple units with adjustable shelf holes.  At the top of the bookshelves, a row of storage boxes hold music CD’s.  The music has been digitised and the CD’s are stored within easy access, should they be needed.

The entertainment unit provides room for the TV and speakers, along with storage for DVD’s and personal items.  Space is available for a larger TV, should one be purchased, as well as room for items in the cupboards and drawers.

Red echo board has been used for acoustic reasons behind the DVD’s and books in the bookshelves.


  • Plantation hoop pine plywood.
  • Coffee strand bamboo.
  • Echo Panel.
  • Recycled timber and bamboo handles.

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker