To design and build a pantry door as part of the new kitchen (see full kitchen here), in a new sustainable house, with the view from the kitchen being a reed filled dam with many trees.

Finished Product:

The idea for the pantry door was an addition to the design that occurred to Gino during the site measure.  Whilst standing in the kitchen, he was inspired to add some of the outside scenery to the inside, hence the design for the tree pantry.

Carved and shaped coffee ply bamboo form the tree trunk and branches.  Laminated and cut leadlight glass provides the impression of leaves.

Natural bamboo ply frames the tree and provides a strong and sturdy structure.

The kitchen can be seen here.


  • Bamboo ply
  • Bamboo strand
  • Laminated Glass

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker Photography.