Initially, these clients wanted simple bookshelves for book storage.  Over time, the brief changed to elegant shelving with space for various items, along with books, with a ladder to ensure the whole family can access the items.  As the front door opens into this room, the shelves were intended to be a centrepiece in the room.

Finished Product:

The design of the shelves includes areas of fixed shelving and adjustable shelving to allow for the accommodation of items with different heights.  The top shelves allow storage of items right up to the top.

Two different shades of bamboo add colour interest.

The ladder pulls out to be used, or is pushed against the shelves when not in use.  The heavy duty rollers ensure the ladder slides easily into position along the positioning rail.  The ladder is sturdily built with quality fixings to ensure stability when using the ladder.


  • Natural bamboo ply
  • Coffee strand ply
  • Ash.

Design: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker Photography