To design and build bookshelves for the lounge room in a family home with small children.  To store toys whilst the children are small, with the intention the toys will be removed when the children are older.  And to display other treasured items.  Other considerations included working around  around the AC unit and the lounge.


These quirky bookshelves have quite a personality, which our clients loved because they think outside the box themselves.  In the end though, the bookshelves are designed to hold books, toys and treasured items and they do that with style.

The addition of the shelves on the slant adds design interest as well as being functional.

Designed for the children in the house; the lower shelves allow them to store their books and toys in a child friendly manner.  The baskets hold various toys and must-haves for the lounge room giving the room that effortless “our children are sooo tidy” look.  Are the baskets tidy inside?  It doesn’t matter, because you can’t see what’s inside.

And whilst the design works around the AC unit and the lounge, it’s not really something you notice because you are far too busy looking at the gorgeous bamboo bookshelves.


  • Natural strand bamboo.
  • Coffee strand bamboo.

Design and manufacture: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: Jennifer Nagy – Exclusive Images.