To design, build and install a new front door for an existing client, including a custom designed lead light design. The client overlooks a river and was interested in incorporating this into the design.

The door was to complement existing work which we had done including a new sustainable kitchen and back door using recycled timbers. The kitchen and back door can be seen here.

Being a front door, the door needed to be solid, yet inviting. Our client worked with Max Giampietro from ACT Stained Glass to design the leadlight design for the door. Once the lead lighting was complete we then manufactured the door to ensure a good fit was achieved.

The design of the front door is simple, yet very sturdy and is complementary to the other work already done in the house, which includes the kitchen and the back door, also made from recycled timbers.


  • Recycled blackbutt
  • Silky oak glazing beads

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Leadlighting: Max Giampietro

Photography: John Tucker Photography.