These clients came to us specifically seeking a sustainable kitchen. They live on 8 acres of bush land on the south coast and were building a new house on the property. The new house was being planned with sustainable principles in mind: north facing, use of natural materials where possible and using a simple, minimalistic approach inside the house ie. to show off the materials rather than hide them.

They were looking for a kitchen that would complement their new sustainable house as well as their environment. Their 8 acres are also home to many animals, birdlife and a plethora of plant life. The kitchen overlooks a reed filled dam as well as many trees.

3 dimensional (3D) photo realistic software was used to design the kitchen, allowing our clients to look at the kitchen with the intended colours and depth, without having to rely on their own imaginations to fill in the blanks. The 3D software helped to ensure that we were both on the same page and gave them peace of mind that they would be happy with the end result.

The drawers are a design unique to Select Custom Joinery and our clients were keen to use them as they fit in with their own philosophy of using a minimalistic approach. The drawers were constructed using finger joints, which are very strong and are generally used to create fine furniture. Normally, false fronts are applied to drawers to hide the use of inferior materials used on the inside of the drawer. The drawers were also designed with concealed soft close drawer runners for ease of use and safety for little fingers.

Finger pulls have been designed, rather than installing handles. The finger pulls are practical and easy to use for all drawers, as well as being pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the touch. The edges have been well rounded to ensure there are no sharp edges and each finger pull has been hand shaped and sanded.

A granite bench top was chosen for the bench around the cooktop as granite is a practical surface allowing hot pots to be placed directly onto its surface.

A coffee strand bamboo bench top was chosen for the island bench and inside the walk in pantry to create some more warmth into the space and to create a balance, as the coffee strand bamboo was also used for the doors and drawers.

The idea for the tree pantry was an addition to the design that occurred once Gino went to do the site measure. Whilst standing in the kitchen site, he was inspired to add some of the outside scenery into the inside, hence the design for the tree pantry.

The tree trunk and branches have been carved and shaped from coffee ply bamboo. Leadlight glass has been laminated and cut to shape to give the impression of a tree in the pantry doors.

The doors are surrounded with natural bamboo ply, creating a frame around the tree which, similar to a picture frame, which is structurally very strong and sturdy.


  • Natural bamboo ply
  • Coffee strand bamboo

Design, manufacture and installation: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: John Tucker.