Brief: What do you do when you have a whole ‘bunch’ of things you want to store and display?  And you want a solution to incorporate many elements as well as add some joir de vivre to the room?  You do what these clients did; straight to a custom designed solution.

The brief for these shelves included quite a list of inclusions.  Space for:

  • a large CD and DVD collection
  • books
  • kids toys
  • ornaments and special display pieces
  • a place for their wedding album.

A custom solution would meet all these needs.

End result:

A combination of open shelves, open boxes, closed cupboards and rectangular baskets make up the bamboo multi-use shelving.  The top half includes dedicated to storage for mum and dad’s items: the CD’s, DVD’s and special objects.  The lower half is dedicated to kids books and kids toys and ‘stuff’, where the kids can get easy access.  The rectangular baskets have lids on them to contain items as much as possible.  Over time, as the kids grow up, the baskets can be re-purposed or taken away.

And in the middle of the shelving, close to the left hand side, sits mum and dad’s wedding album, taking pride of place.  How lovely to see a wedding album so easily accessible.

The bamboo and timber are classic, quality, materials that will last over time.  And the design is both practical and beautiful to look at.


Design: Select Custom Joinery

Photography: Jennifer Nagy – Exclusive Images